Product Photography

Some of you know my wife and I like to shoot weddings, but primarily, I (Alex) do product photography, too. Day to day I take photos for a home decor company but I also freelance from time to time. I've had the pleasure of doing work for a winery, a vitamin supplement company, a magnet name a few. With each product there comes new challenges, different techniques, and possibilities. I have only been shooting products for about 3 years now and I know I have a lot to learn.

I have the privilege of shooting products in a studio five days a week, and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity. God has been more than good to me in more ways than I can say. There are so many talented people in this business and it has been wonderful working with other aspiring product photographers. They have all taught me so much and I hope to continue learning, because I've come to realize, once you believe you know it'll never keep developing. I'm guilty of having the attitude and I've been humbled more than once.

Photography is ever evolving and although I have a lot to learn, I would like to share some of my work. These are some images that I have been the most proud of in 2016.

A lil' Cal in TN!

Hey Guys! Trying to stay on our blog post game! A few weeks ago we shot our friend Callie Pittman of the band "The Vespers"! She's a hell of a talented musician, songwriter and singer. Also she makes a mean Lamb Stew. Callie and her husband Reed are about to start up a duo project called "Sidrey". We can't wait to hear the music they come up with! :)  

Strawberry Patch Maker's Mart

Last weekend we took a trip out to a rural town outside of Nashville, TN called Hartsville. This barn sale we've heard about the last two years has been a must on my to do list! We haven't been bringing our camera around for personal use as much as we should. so I brought it to snap a few. So glad that I did. Check out their website and vendor list! such a neat place!

The Strawberry Patch Maker's Mart


Percy Warner Love Session

Well, here's a cute couple I(Madeline) shot last fall! I'm so glad the weather is FINALLY warming up again. I met Kevin when I worked at a coffee shop north of town. For about a year we tried to get a photoshoot planned and it finally worked out! They are such a quality people and I so glad they ended up together:) Some of the best things in life come a little later. Cheers guys! Here's to many years of happiness and hard work! Location: Percy Warner Park

Beautiful Nashville Engagement

There's nothing like witnessing a sweet couple like Jordan and Kirsten find each other! We've known Jordan for years and he's always finding new ways to serve others and our community. So naturally, when I heard he met Kirsten through a downtown ministry, we weren't very surprised. They are a perfect match and it will be so exciting to see what they will accomplish together in the future. :) It was a blast photographing their engagement and we are so blessed to be a part of their lives. We did the shoot downtown Nashville. Here are some shots:

This engaged couple met on a dating app!

But seriously, this is the way of the future... This adorable couple. I mean seriously, STOP IT! Michael(from Texas) and Amanda(from Tennessee) are a fortunate couple to have met through a dating app and have it work out. Seriously, it blows my mind to see a story like theirs fold out and work! We are so excited to celebrate with them at their wedding this coming November! In a few short weeks the couple will move to Texas to get settled before the "big day"... here's a few photos we got at Moss Wright Park in Goodlettsville, TN while they are still engaged! Congrats you two! Thanks for letting this crazy photographer drag you through the creeks, bushes, and old Mansker Station! You are Champs!

Check out what happens when a bearded man gets headshots...

Yeah yeah yeah... those fancy blog titles get you every time. haha.

Hey guys!! This is Madeline from, " Those Morgans "!  First things first, I recently quit my part time job to focus more time on hopefully littering you with more photoblog posts, coffee meetings and more wilderness hangs/hiking! Now I can finally work more on the business side of all our fun! ;) So if anyone wants to get connected, hit me up! The same day I put my two weeks notice in, my dear friend Brandon contacted me about business headshots. Talk about confirmation from the Lord. We had so much fun photographing him in Nashville, TN. In the Gulch area by Barista Parlor Golden Sound (where I had the best Lemongrass iced tea!!!)! The baristas were kind enough to let us take a few shots inside too. Thanks Barista Parlor! ;) Here are some shots we took for Brandon!   

This couple from New York is so cute!!!

A few years ago I(Madeline) met this guy named Josh. He came into my life when I really needed a friend. I had gone through a rough break up the previous year and he was such an encouragement to me. We had a lot of fun hiking, going to haunted houses(he got kicked out...long story), and grilling out. Josh is an honest, straight-forward guy and I appreciate him a ton! Last year (on a whim) he moved out to California near Yosemite. There was a wedding taking place where he worked... and there he met a beautiful woman named Danielle... fell in love... then followed her to New York!!! crazy right? A few weeks ago, he asked "the big question"(meanwhile accidentally dropping the ring... but then he found it...) she said "thank you!" (meaning "yes"... since she was caught up in the moment). we were fortunate enough to snap some photos when they came to visit Nashville recently. It was raining during our whole session... I hope you enjoy!

Empty Bottles of Carnivor Wine

Today marks one year ago that I asked my Wife Madeline to marry me. Obviously, she said, “Yes!” Leading up to that day there were all kinds of things to be booked and planned. All of those things involved money and as a photographer, the best way to make that money was to do photography.

Leading up to our wedding I was blessed with opportunity to work on several freelance projects. One of my favorite projects I got to work on was for Carnivor Wine! Now, I’m not much of a wine drinker but Carnivor’s Cabernet Sauvignon is quite a delicious wine! On top of being that, they gave me an opportunity to grow as a photographer, work with some old friends and new friends, and explore my craft.

Here are a few photos from that project. I hope you enjoy them!


If any of you know this lady, you know how freaking talented she is. Her name is Sarah and she's a super gifted ceramic artist! I took a ceramics class from her once and realized that I would never reach anywhere near this woman potential in that field. Not long after that class...  she went on hiatus from making beautiful sculptures of incredibly detailed woodland creatures, custom plates, mugs and such. I hope someday she is able to open another studio and get back to making that wonderful art! Anyway, we are friends and I convinced her to let me snap a few pictures of her. Enjoy! 

Wild Turkey Ranch

One colorful day last fall, Justin and Kayla Johnson said I do! The wedding was held at Wild Turkey Ranch in Lebanon, TN. The event was a perfect mix of Kayla's taste for style and elegance & Justin's down to earth love for the outdoors/ fishing etc. We were so honored to shoot their wedding. Here are a few photos from their special day!

Those Morgans

Well, we did it. We got married! Two photographers, just trying to make an honest living by documenting others lives with art. We are so excited to be joining forces in this industry and can't wait to start regularly posting what we've been up to! :) The first few posts coming up we will focus on recapping what we were up to last year. There is so much work we are excited to share with you! :) For now, here are some photos from our honeymoon in Keystone, Colorado!